Poor Boys Under the Heels of Strict Ladies

Welcome to the home of true pain and humiliation. Graias, with more than 20 years of BDSM production experience under the direction of the legendary Dr Lomp, is now offering you this exciting FemDom project.

Our beautiful and cruel ladies take the whip hand and show the ‘poor’ guys who is the real boss. Our masochist male models pay the cost of being under the gorgeous feet of our special ladies.

Every week you will enjoy a new video watching the male slaves being humiliated and tormented by gorgeous ladies each of whom is an utmost sadist. Join Cruel Furies and you will experience the true meaning of FemDom.

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No need for various instruments, merely a piece of whip can also enough to ruin a slave guy down, if the performer knows how to use that whip. Here you will see only a single tail whip in Lady Nicool’s hand. Huge Mistress, in her latex dress, with Her seductive big boobs, will demonstrate how cruel She can be with only a whip and a masochist guy. Though poor victim tries to seem tough, after a while he can’t his screams in. Watch Lady Nicool showing Her whipping skills while she is absolutely enjoying this. Length: 10 min

Perishing Old Boys

There is also a place for old slaves in Lady Yultsi’s dungeon. She likes to torment their useless dicks, as they never will or can get erected, after all they are facing under Lady Yultsi’s dominance. In this session, she has other piteous two old boys in Her feet. She is to wrap their poor dicks tightly, hang them up to the ceiling, and helpless slaves will understand how a hell they have been involved. Watch and enjoy the cruelty of Lady Yultsi over these pathetic slaves, whom you’d love to be replaced. Length: 19 min

Heavy Load on Dicks

Lady Yultsi is striking back to complete her unfinished tasks. She is to keep on tormenting Her helpless slaves on their pathetic dicks. She first will clip clamps on one slave’s dick and spank and whip it intolerably, and then pass to the other slave and apply electro-shock on his most sensitive part. As usual, like none of Her slaves, these both won’t be able to bear Lady Yultsi’s extremely torments. Watch poor slaves surrendering themselves to gorgeous Mistress. Length: 13 min

Two Slaves in Row

You may think she is a cruel witch, but Lady Yultsi isn’t all bad. She sometimes lets her slaves relax – by playing with their cocks. Of course everything comes with a price and Lady Yultsi’s ‘kindness’ does not come free. She loves to add some personal enjoyment to their joy. While trying to cum, she adds some chilli sauce and cruelly whips their poor cocks which prevents them reaching their happy end. Watch Lady Yultsi’s slaves trying to cum while struggling under heavy torment. Length: 15 min

Bring Another

Not an easy thing to be Lady Yultsi’s slave, where safely locks Her slave with restraints and then perishes him until he has to quit the game soon. Gorgeous Lady Yultsi, warmed up with torments that she has applied, then seeks for another slave boy, to continue on her cruel performance. Here you will watch Her whipping on Her first slave’s little nuts harshly and then replacing him with a fresh one and then kicking that new one’s balls. Watch Lady Yultsi pershing two slaves in one session. Length: 13 min

Locked to Stocks

Calamity woman Lady Yultsi has got another slave guy prepared for her torment session. Guy's head and hands are locked to stocks, and all her back is free and ready to be used. Lady Yultsi doesn't miss the chance and takes her cane in her hand. She, at first, applies her cane strokes on the helpless guy's bottom, then on the upper side, to his back completely. As this is not enough, she whips her slaves back mercilessly. Watch Lady Yultsi getting his slave moaning in pain. Length: 10 min

What They Felt

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What Is Waiting You On Cruel Furies


Pathetic guys are learning their place under cruel Mistresses.

Extreme Punishment

Brutal Dominas are whipping and canning the poor slave in cold blood.


Ladies are honoring the slaves by crushing them under sexy pin heels.

Foot Fetish

Perfectly seductive feet of cruel Ladies cared by good servants.

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