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Poor Boys Under the Heels of Strict Ladies

Welcome to the home of true pain and humiliation. Graias, with more than 20 years of BDSM production experience under the direction of the legendary Dr Lomp, is now offering you this exciting FemDom project.

Our beautiful and cruel ladies take the whip hand and show the ‘poor’ guys who is the real boss. Our masochist male models pay the cost of being under the gorgeous feet of our special ladies.

Every week you will enjoy a new video watching the male slaves being humiliated and tormented by gorgeous ladies each of whom is an utmost sadist. Join Cruel Furies and you will experience the true meaning of FemDom.

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CBT Whipping Disgrace Handjob Ball kicking Electroshock Hot wax

Kicked by white socks

We generally have been witnessing Lady Lilith’s cruelest side, but we maybe miss out how She cares Her slave guys. Indeed Her boys are important for Her, thus She handles the hardest sessions with care, to not to cause any slaves injure for long or permanently. Today She is practicing ball kicking on a piteous submissive guy. Before starting the session, She takes her sexy sneakers out and puts aside, for She knows that those hot sneakers may shorten the session period, as the slave guy can’t endure long. The situation will provide us a good occasion to watch and admire the mistress's amazing sports socks. Now take your seat and enjoy the movie where white socks meet reddened balls. Length: 9 min

Surfing on sensitive flesh

Every amazing woman has got a joy to be fulfilled by her picked guy and the guy must show his best to satisfy the woman’s joy. Lady Lilith’s best joy is surfing on wild waves. She is a thrill seeker and She loves to dance on those waves all alone. Since She doesn’t have enough time to visit a beach which is full of those wild waves, She has to pick a useless guy to step on and fulfill Her joy on that pathetic slave boy. Now, while She is trampling on the guy, She will feel herself on a surfing board, try to keep Her balance on the guy, while She will show no mercy for the slave who is in unbearable pain under his mistress. Watch the movie where Lady Lilith is quite happy while dancing on the silent slave. Length: 11 min

Small dick deserves those slaps

Lady Lilith doesn’t show her anger on Her baby face, however She can’t hide it from Her hands. Those soft and smooth hands can easily become a cruel punishment instrument on a lazy slave guy. Now She has got such a lazy guy on the torment bench restrained and ready to taste the pain from Lady Lilith’s holy hands. Furious mistress will slap the slave boy right on his sensitive skin, especially on his pathetic small dick. She will shut Her ears for the unlucky guy’s hopeless yells, thus She will never step down from Her cruelty because of a melted heart. It’s your time to take your seat, watch this exciting movie and dream your own little dick under Lady Lilith’s sexy palms. Length: 10 min

Karate practice on useless guy

Slave guy exits for any need of his mistress. To be a loyal slave for her majesty, he must endure all kinds of pain and punishment, coming from the cruel domme. Cute brunette Lady Lilith tells Her slave that She has recently got karate classes, and She needs a tough slave boy to practice what She has learnt on. The good boy is happy to hear the offer and eagerly accepts to be the one. The cruel brunette begins to kick the guy’s pathetic balls and then continues on her practices on various parts of this useless piece of meat. Take your seat, watch this movie and dream yourself in this poor boy’s place, then feel those merciless kicks of Lady Lilith right on your sensitive skin. Length: 13 min

Pinked butt of pale guy

Pale skin never hides how rough it's stroke. This is why Lady Lilith usually picks pale guys for her service. Indeed, She likes to see the cute result of her art at the end of the session. In this movie, another pale guy is offering his useless flesh to the hot brunette to be tormented. He lies on the bench silently, while his ankles are fixed to the cuffs on the both edges of the platform, and he is just waiting for Lady Lilith to punish him on his butt. To catch the right color which She determined before, Lady Lilith will use various painful instruments on the guy’s butt. Watch this jolly movie and show your respect to Lady Lilith’s cruel talent. Length: 23 min

Subject for electro experiment

When you stop asking, this means you lose your life energy. Life always comes with new questions and you will always go after the answers. In Lady Mia’s mind the is a weird question: how much conductive a slave cock is. To find the answer, She has got a poor slave guy in front of Her. She will clip two crocodile clamps, connected to the power supply, on guy’s moistened ballbags. She will apply electricity and monitor the guy’s reactions. If She can’t see the reaction on Her mind, She will push on for more pain. Poor slave guy has no chance than just sitting and witnessing himself tormented extremely. Watch the movie and enjoy Lady Mia’s electro show. Length: 9 min

What They Felt

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What Is Waiting You On Cruel Furies


Pathetic guys are learning their place under cruel Mistresses.

Extreme Punishment

Brutal Dominas are whipping and canning the poor slave in cold blood.


Ladies are honoring the slaves by crushing them under sexy pin heels.

Foot Fetish

Perfectly seductive feet of cruel Ladies cared by good servants.

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