Poor Boys Under the Heels of Strict Ladies

Welcome to the home of true pain and humiliation. Graias, with more than 20 years of BDSM production experience under the direction of the legendary Dr Lomp, is now offering you this exciting FemDom project.

Our beautiful and cruel ladies take the whip hand and show the ‘poor’ guys who is the real boss. Our masochist male models pay the cost of being under the gorgeous feet of our special ladies.

Every week you will enjoy a new video watching the male slaves being humiliated and tormented by gorgeous ladies each of whom is an utmost sadist. Join Cruel Furies and you will experience the true meaning of FemDom.

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CBT Whipping Disgrace Handjob Ball kicking Electroshock Hot wax

Hit by hosed feet

Hygiene is one of the most important points in domination for Lady Nicole. Thus, before kicking on balls, She seeks her sneakers and feet properly cleansed. So, Her lucky slaves usually have to worship Her sexy feet, and purge them with their lip and tongue. Here today She will take Her position on the chair, to kick the piteous dick comfortably, and first get Her brilliant hosed feet cared, then begin to kick the little dick of Her slave. Poor boy has to satisfy his Mistress, otherwise the cruel Lady will kick his balls until they get completely red. Watch Lady Nicole getting sexy feet worshi Length: 9 min

Kicking dicks off

Yet another toy is brought for Lady Nicole’s joy. He knows that her balls will be kicked by a pair of dominant sneakers. He has no choice but to escape from this hell. Sexy brunette will not even let Her skinny slave lose her pose, though she can’t bear the pain on his balls. While exposing his all being for this sadistic training, he must miss the chance to watch gorgeous Lady Nicole’s exciting sexy purple lingerie. After being perished, he’ll be replaced with another unlucky guy, whose tiny dick will be crushed under the same sneakers. Watch both guys desperately struggling under Lady Nicole Length: 18 min

Electro-test for piggy

Think of yourself in front of a sexy brunette girl, such Lady Nicole. Along Her seductive curves, She has a true-sadistic soul. However her stunning legs must get your dick hard, you are aware how She is to torment you, and you can’t keep that poor dick up. Lucky boy of the day is in the same mood now. He is tightly fixed to a torment bed, while her ankles are cuffed, and he clearly sees the shocker in Lady Nicole’s and can’t even think of erection. He is to taste the bitter pain of the shocker right on his pathetic dick. Watch lovely Lady Nicole ruining Her slave. Length: 12 min

Dick under sneakers

Cooperation of two sadistic Mistresses begins to bear tasty fruits for submissive boys. Now they have another lucky dog to be tormented. He has been late and had his Dommes waiting for him for a while, and he really deserves his cruel punishment now. First, he will lick and properly clean the sneakers of Lady Yultsi and Roxana, then he will be ordered to suck their gorgeous bare feet. After these warm-up exercises, his poor dick will be laid on the edge of the torment bench, and both Ladies will crush it under their cleaned sneakers. Watch this pathetic boy serving both Ladies in heavy pain. Length: 17 min

Introducing Her new pet

Lady Yultsi has changed her pet and has found another one for herself. She will introduce a new pet to Her best friend Lady Roxana. Piteous pet is expected to behave properly, and to worship his Dommes like an obedient pet. For any misbehavior, some really cruel punishment is waiting for him. He will worship both Ladies’ nyloned feet, lick their shoes, lie in front of them silently to be tormented and prove that he deserves his collar. While he is trying his best, his cock will be crushed under shoes and dreadfully whipped. Watch Lady Yultsi and Lady Roxana tame the new boy by heavy-handed met Length: 11 min

Right on his hole

Impatient domme Lady Nicool can’t keep herself from caning Her pathetic slave guy, when he gets some late to fulfill the command that he received from the sadist mistress. After he puts cuffs on his own ankles and wrists, Lady Nicool will lock the cuffs to each other, and leave him totally helpless against her cruelty. She will get Her rattan cane in her lovely hands, and cane this poor guy in his tights and hole, until he can’t keep himself and disgracefully fart in front of his domme. Watch Lady Nicole perishing slave guy’s both flesh and pride under Her holy domination. Length: 8 min

What They Felt

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What Is Waiting You On Cruel Furies


Pathetic guys are learning their place under cruel Mistresses.

Extreme Punishment

Brutal Dominas are whipping and canning the poor slave in cold blood.


Ladies are honoring the slaves by crushing them under sexy pin heels.

Foot Fetish

Perfectly seductive feet of cruel Ladies cared by good servants.

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