Poor Boys Under the Heels of Strict Ladies

Welcome to the home of true pain and humiliation. Graias, with more than 20 years of BDSM production experience under the direction of the legendary Dr Lomp, is now offering you this exciting FemDom project.

Our beautiful and cruel ladies take the whip hand and show the ‘poor’ guys who is the real boss. Our masochist male models pay the cost of being under the gorgeous feet of our special ladies.

Every week you will enjoy a new video watching the male slaves being humiliated and tormented by gorgeous ladies each of whom is an utmost sadist. Join Cruel Furies and you will experience the true meaning of FemDom.

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Punching that ballbag

Another sensitive part of male 's body is the ballbag. Since it protects two jewelry in, any stroke addressing to it always terrifies the slaves. Being aware of this, sadistic mistress Lady Diana loves to torment Her slaves’ ballbags. In this session, She will let the slave sit on the torment bench, spread his legs wide, then She will begin to punch his balls. As the poor slave guy yells out, She will squeeze his balls and pull his useless dick. All these punishments will come in a row, by not letting the pain level drop down. The fascinating final will be with the shocker device which will be gently clipped on both the ballbag and the dick. Watch the movie and see how cruel Lady Diana can act. Length: 8 min

Lick her sneakers

For a perfect dominance, it’s not enough if merely the submissive guy realizes the mistress’ dominant soul. Along this, the mistress also must be aware of her own influent power on the slave boy. Lady Ariana has already realized Her influence. She knows how to capture the guys into the subspace cage. In this lovely movie, you will witness Lady Ariana pushing more on every step, and reinforce Her domination by the extreme orders that a decent guy never may accept. She will even use Her boy like an organic vacuum cleaner, a living ashtray. The sub guy will never resist the humiliating desires of his mistress. Watch the movie and see Lady Ariana’s sneakers cleaned perfectly. Length: 9 min

Magic cane of cute brunette

And another hot brunette is starting her femdom career in Cruel Furies studios. This is Lady Diana, with her magical cane in Her hand, along with Her firm soul which desires to punish pathetic boys until they surrender. The slave guy, who is lying in front of Her for punishment, surely hasn’t guessed to face such a cruelness and painful caning from Lady Diana. The babyface mistress really seems like an easy deal, but the reality shows itself in the end, on the purple skin of the poor slave’s bottom. The worst part of the session is that the mistress shuts Her ears for the dreadful screams from the hopeless guy. Watch the movie and witness the unpredictable performance of babyface Lady Diana. Length: 12 min

Practicing on poor guy

It’s a pleasure to notice that we have another sexy chick on the scene: Lady Ariana, with her natural beauty and seducing existence, will perish Her submissive slave guys in Cruel Furies studio for your pleasure. In Her very first scene, She will apply some painful ball kicking practice on a hopeless guy. She is ready to reveal her cruel being for any pathetic guys, and she never seem to keep Herself away from applying what She desires, tough She is hearing the slave guy screaming and begging Her at least for a little break. For adding more excitement to the scene, she will show up Her natural tits, which you cannot take your eyes off. Watch Lady Ariana’s debut and enjoy Her dominance. Length: 9 min

Crawl to save your balls

Kicked on balls is probably the hardest punishment for a slave guy. Especially, if the mistress kicks with Her sexy boots or sneakers, while the poor slave suffers extremely, his small dicks tries to erect, but this misbehavior enhances his mistress nerves, thus he would receive a more tough kicks on his dick. This is what happens in this session. While Lady Yultsi mercilessly kicks Her helpless slave, She loses Her control and the poor guy has no other chance than going on his fours to protect his dick and balls from cruel kicks. Alas, this doesn’t stop the pain, and Lady Yultsi keeps on the Length: 9 min

Stripes covering his body

Famous whipping sessions with Lady Yultsi is becoming nightmare for every pathetic slave guy. How much ever they try to keep themselves away from such sessions, they can’t resist their desire to taste these horrible moments. Such a weak submissive guy applies Lady Yultsi to be whipped on her back and useless dick. Cruel mistress warns him once again about the intense of Her strokes, however although he can imagine what he will face soon, the poor guy still wants to taste this at least one time in his life. Well, now Lady Yultsi has got nothing to do except making this guy’s dreams come true. W Length: 10 min

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What Is Waiting You On Cruel Furies


Pathetic guys are learning their place under cruel Mistresses.

Extreme Punishment

Brutal Dominas are whipping and canning the poor slave in cold blood.


Ladies are honoring the slaves by crushing them under sexy pin heels.

Foot Fetish

Perfectly seductive feet of cruel Ladies cared by good servants.

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