Poor boys under strict Ladie's heels

Welcome to the core of true pain and true humiliation. With more than 20 years of BDSM production experience, Graias, which is under control of legendary Dr. Lomp, now publishing a FemDom project.

The beautiful and cruel Ladies of Graias are taking whip in hand and showing the poor guys who the real boss is! Masochist male models are paying the cost of being under such gorgeous feet.

Every week you will enjoy a new video where poor guys are humiliated and tormented by utmost sadist Ladies. Join Cruel Furies and witness what the real FemDom is.

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Locked to Stocks

Calamity woman Lady Yultsi has got another slave guy prepared for her torment session. Guy's head and hands are locked to stocks, and all her back is free and ready to be used. Lady Yultsi doesn't miss the chance and takes her cane in her hand. She, at first, applies her cane strokes on the helpless guy's bottom, then on the upper side, to his back completely. As this is not enough, she whips her slaves back mercilessly. Watch Lady Yultsi getting his slave moaning in pain. Length: 10 min

Pathetic Boy

Lady Nicole is willing to complete slavery training of Her new slave and there are still some more steps to be carried out. One of them is to increase the slave's pain threshold so She decides to give him pain on his little dick and useless balls. She ties him to the cross and starts to kick his poor balls. Helpless slave stirs but, no way to escape, he must endure this terrible pain to be trained as a good boy. Length: 7 min

Cruel Lady in Red

It's time to watch Lady Nicool's kicking skills. As some preparation before the torment, to get the maximum level of pain, she firstly ties up the slave's cock and balls with some strings. Then, to reduce the guy's self protection, she commands him to take her arms back. Lady Nicool, in this session lady in red, begins to kick directly on the poor guy's nuts and the slave guy then finds himself kissing the floor with the severe pain. Watch him struggling to come up with Lady Nicool's unbearable cock and ball torment. Length: 10 min

Inquisition Chair

Shocker, especially in Lady Yulti’s skillful hands, turns to a gadget which causes a slave to question his existence. Domme will get her slave sitting on a chair, locks his cuffed ankles and wrists to the chair, and begins electro-therapy. Then she will apply electro-punishment to his useless balls. You will witness how the slave guy speaks up with the high level pain of electroshock. Enjoy him losing himself under Lady Yulti's cruel torment. Length: 9 min

Good Dog

Another poor guy is given to Lady Nicole to be tamed. Slave boy is quite submissive and obedient, that for Domme it will not be so difficult to give what She wants. She teaches slavery in both obedience and pain threshold manner. Poor boy tastes the pain on her balls, and learns how to stand before his Domme. After a while he can't take more and finds himself on the floor, but surely he must understand how hard it is to be a real slave. Length: 9 min

Wired Cock

We know how good she is at kicking balls but this time Lady Yultsi will demonstrate her skills with shocker. She will tie up her slave's ball and dick, and then wrap them with wire which is connected to a shocker. To boost the sensitivity, she will moisten the poor slave with a cup of water. In the second part of the session, she will be alone with another slave, cuffed to whipping post, and whip him until all his back has whip marks. Enjoy both pathetic guys dreadfully suffering. Length: 19 min

What They Felt

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What Is Waiting You On Cruel Furies


Pathetic guys are learning their place under cruel Mistresses.

Extreme Punishment

Brutal Dominas are whipping and canning the poor slave in cold blood.


Ladies are honoring the slaves by crushing them under sexy pin heels.

Foot Fetish

Perfectly seductive feet of cruel Ladies cared by good servants.

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