Our lovely ladies

Sadistic instinct in perfect shaped body. This is what you will see in Cruel-Furies.com dungeon. Every one of our cruel ladies are real goddesses from hell. While watching them punishing poor slave boys, you will dream yourself in that slave’s place, honored to be punished by such a perfect woman and feeling the pain right through your veins. Now scroll down and meet these merciless Mistresses of your dreams.

Lady Amilie

Foot Goddess

starred in 2 movie(s)

Lady Gigi

Caring Calamity

starred in 1 movie(s)

Lady Hope

CBT Expert

starred in 2 movie(s)

Lady Michelle

Heavy Feminist

starred in 2 movie(s)

Lady Nicole

Slave Whisperer

starred in 21 movie(s)

Lady Nicool

Huge Goddess

starred in 6 movie(s)

Lady Renata

Cruel Brat

starred in 5 movie(s)

Lady Roxana

The Deflowerer

starred in 11 movie(s)

Lady Yultsi

Iron Maiden

starred in 20 movie(s)

Mistress Kyra

Misleading Babyface

starred in 1 movie(s)

Mistress Mia

Femme Brute

starred in 6 movie(s)

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