Benefiting obedience of slave

Benefiting obedience of slave

Length 13 minutes

Uploaded 2022-01-18

Starring: Lady Yultsi

Tying a slave’s hands up to the ceiling, and keeping them spread will ease your job as a dominant. Thus, your slave cannot protect himself, where it can occur not for being disobedient but only for reflex. Whipping the slave in such position will cause more pain, as you can hit any point on his helpless body, including his genitals. So picks Lady Yultsi, and secures Her slave guy to the ceiling. She doesn’t use any restraints, however the good boy knows that he should keep her both arms up, to not to be punished more effectively. Cruel Mistress uses various whips and gets the result soon with the bruises on guy’s flesh. Watch the movie and enjoy the guy’s screams.

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