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Bird in Cage

Bird in Cage

Rating: based on 2 review(s)

Length 14 minutes

Uploaded 2020-12-29

Starring: Lady Renata

Hung from dick? This must be extremely painful for sub. As it is not enough, Sexy Mistress Renata decides to whip him, while he is struggling with his dick pain. As if She still doesn't get satisfied, she applied electro with the shocker in Her hand. Well, after all, as a caring Domme, Mistress Renata looks after Her obedient slave, and applies medicine to his wounds. Let's see if She will accept him as Her new servant.

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  • Federico

    2021-04-02 11:10:56


  • darcick

    2021-03-15 16:28:20

    Good, but also here, more damage can be done and she can be more aggressively

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