Blue Eyed Lilith

Blue Eyed Lilith

Rating: based on 4 review(s)

Length 17 minutes

Uploaded 2020-12-01

Starring: Mistress Kyra

Sweet evil Mistress Kyra catches a masochist toy for Herself. You would not guess, such a baby face woman can be this much cruel. She takes Her bullwhip in hand and starts to whip Her poor slave without any mercy or hesitation, as she was born to be a true Mistress. She doesn't seem to leave the poor slave alone, before leaving purple whip marks on his whole flesh. She ties up the slave's little dick and hits on it with a riding crop. Obviously She loves what she makes, but we can't say the same for that pathetic slave.

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  • WhippingBoy

    2021-03-18 02:15:00

    Yes, this hurts! But Mistress Kyra is right, because she was not treated well before. The thrill to see her a little cautious until she realises that the whipping boy is only good for taking her furious revenge for all the mistreating that she had to endure in her life, and how she starts to get pleased and satisfied while hitting him harder, makes me wanting to be her whipping boy. I promise I will not fall on my knees nor kiss her shoes nor beg for mercy like a dog... ;) But I hope to see much more like this from Mistress Kyra, and when it will be possible again, to be her whipping boy.

  • slavepty

    2021-03-02 06:13:34

    This is the best clip I ever saw !!!! Can you please translate in english the few dialogues ?

  • wili

    2021-02-02 03:38:25

    my love miss kyra i want to take curel punishments from you

  • canemyass

    2020-12-05 12:31:35

    the content is awesome, i love to be a sissy slave (permanently) for Goddess Kyra. i want to take curel punishments from this mistress:)))

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