Crawl to save your balls

Crawl to save your balls

Length 9 minutes

Uploaded 2022-06-01

Starring: Lady Yultsi

You can puchase this movie in these packages: Whipping compilation - 7 / Total disaster for balls
Ball kicking compilation - 5 / Increasing cruelty
Femdom compilation - 1 / Submitting Her Majesty

Kicked on balls is probably the hardest punishment for a slave guy. Especially, if the mistress kicks with Her sexy boots or sneakers, while the poor slave suffers extremely, his small dicks tries to erect, but this misbehavior enhances his mistress nerves, thus he would receive a more tough kicks on his dick. This is what happens in this session. While Lady Yultsi mercilessly kicks Her helpless slave, She loses Her control and the poor guy has no other chance than going on his fours to protect his dick and balls from cruel kicks. Alas, this doesn’t stop the pain, and Lady Yultsi keeps on the punishment with a flogger. Watch the movie and see the slave guy struggle before cruel mistress Lady Yultsi.

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