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Destroying punches

Destroying punches

Length 6 minutes

Uploaded 2022-09-27

Starring: Lady Diana

A masochistic guy is always a joy for an evil soul, like Lady Diana. She likes when the boy gets his dick hard as She hits harder and harder. There is a threshold point, where pain overcomes pleasure, and that useless dick begins to get deflated. Lady Diana will show Her best to reach that threshold as soon as it can be. Meanwhile the poor guy will pay for his toughness and will get the cruelest session through his slavery life. Numerous unbearable punches will kiss his tiny dick and balls, thus he will get them reddened in the end. He will have to come on his fours in pain, but Lady Diana will never let him down and order to stand up. Watch the amazing movie to witness Lady Diana’s hardest strokes.

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