Lick her sneakers

Lick her sneakers

Length 9 minutes

Uploaded 2022-06-21

Starring: Lady Ariana

You can puchase this movie in these packages: CBT compilation - 2 / Surrounded by Ladies
Foot worshiping compilation - 4 / Unbearable ball ache
Femdom compilation - 2 / Being her best slave

For a perfect dominance, it’s not enough if merely the submissive guy realizes the mistress’ dominant soul. Along this, the mistress also must be aware of her own influent power on the slave boy. Lady Ariana has already realized Her influence. She knows how to capture the guys into the subspace cage. In this lovely movie, you will witness Lady Ariana pushing more on every step, and reinforce Her domination by the extreme orders that a decent guy never may accept. She will even use Her boy like an organic vacuum cleaner, a living ashtray. The sub guy will never resist the humiliating desires of his mistress. Watch the movie and see Lady Ariana’s sneakers cleaned perfectly.

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