Locked to chair

Locked to chair

Rating: based on 5 review(s)

Length 9 minutes

Uploaded 2021-11-30

Starring: Lady Nicole

It is a misfortune to not be able to face this beauty, however, this guy seems happy, while he is serving his back to Lady Nicole, to be whipped with a multi-tail whip. He is sitting on the torment chair, his wrists and ankles are locked to the chair, and helplessly waiting for her bitter whipping session. Sexy brunette Lady Nicole, in Her stunning lingerie and stockings, is using Her whip mercilessly on this poor guy’s bareback. The session doesn’t seem to end before the guy's back is full of whip marks. Watch gorgeous mistress Lady Nicole putting Her signature with Her whip.

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  • BusterLuver

    2022-06-25 19:22:12

    We want more Lady Nicole! I just wish she didn't have as much makeup on in these videos. She is very beautiful without the makeup.

  • DavidL

    2021-12-07 03:49:20

    Would love to see Lady Nicole use a single tail whip on his back, when he's in that position

  • Aadi

    2021-12-02 08:39:19

    we want to see nude to lady Nicole during the punishment Its not too hard just give it to a hard punishment to this guy lomp directly your mistress properly

  • dosh888

    2021-12-02 02:05:13

    Greetings i find something highly seductive about Lady Nicole, love her demeanor. The back shot photo of HER glorious rear in fishnets just knocks me out. More fishnets more Lady Nicole. Thanks a big fan

  • JohnalMac

    2021-11-30 20:50:45

    A far better preview of a movie this from Whipstress Lady Nicole. Messing around with men's stuff inside their underpants is quite boring to watch. But when a beautiful stockinged brunette gives a male slave a proper caning and whipping on his back and bottom - WOW. 365 please Lady Nicole + gag me if I groan!

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