Magical boots

Magical boots

Length 7 minutes

Uploaded 2022-08-09

Starring: Lady Lilith

You can puchase this movie in these packages: Foot worshiping compilation - 3 / Regarded under hot feet
Ball kicking compilation - 5 / Increasing cruelty
Femdom compilation - 2 / Being her best slave

Leather boots are one of the sexiest accessories of the woman's wardrobe, however if the woman who wears those boots is a merciless lady, they easily turn into a cruel torment tool. Soon Lady Lilith will try Her heavy boots for kicking on the slave guy’s tiny nuts. The slave’s hands will be fixed to the ceiling; thus, he will have no chance to protect his mankind hallmarks from being demolished with hard kicks of the tough mistress. Eventually, after the long session, Lady Lilith will get tired and it will be the slave guy’s duty to refresh his dominatrix’s exhausted bare feet. Watch the movie to enjoy the slave screaming hopelessly against Lady Lilith’s cruel kicks.

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