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Meet the new cruel

Meet the new cruel

Rating: based on 1 review(s)

Length 8 minutes

Uploaded 2022-01-25

Starring: Lady Lena

Welcome Her Majesties, She is Lady Lena, the new dominant of the cruel team. In her very first session, She prefers to dress in Her latex clothes to seduce Her victim easily. Undoubtedly She is after seducing the guy and getting his pathetic dick, and then She will punish him for the rudeness of erection before his holy Mistress. Poor slave will first be permit to worship Lady Lena’s smooth legs and please Her with his tender kisses. After all, he will be commanded to lie on the torment bench, and then he will be secured to the bench, and the painful party will begin. Watch the first session of the terrible domme Lady Lena and meet her cruelty.

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  • JohnalMac

    2022-01-26 17:50:24

    Wow!!!!!!!! 88 minutes next time Your Ladyship Highness Lena XXXX

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