Metamorphosis II

Metamorphosis II

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Length 16 minutes

Uploaded 2020-10-27

Starring: Mistress Mia

New slave boy is almost done, however Mistress Mia must work some more on this new piece. This time, She will work directly on his poor cock. She will apply some electricity, some hot wax and unsure the pain with cane strikes. Boy seems to be ready for being affirmed as Mistress Mia's new slave, and you will keep on witnessing him walking on that hard path, taking him into the presence of Mistress Mia .

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  • canemyass

    2020-11-30 15:35:24

    I love the way Mistress Mia Inflicts the pain on this guys poor cock. The wicked smile on mistress face is amazing to watch as she pours hot wax on the cock and cane it. Its absolute beauty to be in your production team and selection of models. !!!!!!!

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