Miracle of a single whip

Miracle of a single whip

Rating: based on 4 review(s)

Length 10 minutes

Uploaded 2021-06-08

Starring: Lady Nicool

You can puchase this movie in these packages: Single tail whip compilation - 1 / Simple move and great result
Cuffs compilation - 4 / Limited freedom

No need for various instruments, merely a piece of whip can also enough to ruin a slave guy down, if the performer knows how to use that whip. Here you will see only a single tail whip in Lady Nicool’s hand. Huge Mistress, in her latex dress, with Her seductive big boobs, will demonstrate how cruel She can be with only a whip and a masochist guy. Though poor victim tries to seem tough, after a while he can’t his screams in. Watch Lady Nicool showing Her whipping skills while she is absolutely enjoying this.

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  • Aabid No. In

    2024-05-12 18:09:50

    Chabook se pitai Gris haatho se de

  • Gazdi

    2021-11-16 17:22:19

    Tökéletes büntetés szerintem

  • Cockwhiping Fan

    2021-09-14 23:32:49

    Excellent! Love seeing beautiful women single tail whipping a mans cock. The absolute most Femdom thing a woman can do is a whip a mans penis while he is tied. I would like to see much more of this, have the ladies whip males cocks until they are raw and the guys are driven mad.

  • Alphonse

    2021-06-24 12:10:15

    The most beautiful and gorgeous clip. Amazing and wonderful.

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