Practicing on poor guy

Practicing on poor guy

Length 9 minutes

Uploaded 2022-06-07

Starring: Lady Ariana

You can puchase this movie in these packages: CBT compilation - 4 / Terrible ballbusting
Ball kicking compilation - 3 / Better secured somewhere

It’s a pleasure to notice that we have another sexy chick on the scene: Lady Ariana, with her natural beauty and seducing existence, will perish Her submissive slave guys in Cruel Furies studio for your pleasure. In Her very first scene, She will apply some painful ball kicking practice on a hopeless guy. She is ready to reveal her cruel being for any pathetic guys, and she never seem to keep Herself away from applying what She desires, tough She is hearing the slave guy screaming and begging Her at least for a little break. For adding more excitement to the scene, she will show up Her natural tits, which you cannot take your eyes off. Watch Lady Ariana’s debut and enjoy Her dominance.

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