Reddening whip strokes

Reddening whip strokes

Length 9 minutes

Uploaded 2022-05-10

Starring: Lady Yultsi

Here is another solo performance from the sadistic mistress Lady Yultsi. An obedient guy, who is very eager to have a cruel session with Lady Yultsi, is on the scene to submit his useless body to domme’s painful pleasure. Merciless Lady mistress takes an unbearable riding crop in Her hand, and strikes directly right on pale butt of the poor slave guy, until getting it completely reddened. Submissive guy has not got a choice to stop this cruelty, and just can react by hopping after every dreadful stroke of riding crop touches on his bare butt. Watch the movie and see the guy promises himself not to visit Lady Yultsi for the rest of his life for any reason.

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