Ruining Pain

Ruining Pain

Rating: based on 2 review(s)

Length 13 minutes

Uploaded 2020-12-15

Starring: Lady Michelle

You can puchase this movie in these packages: CBT compilation - 1 / Crushed masculinity

Lady Mishelle is a dangerous woman for any slave. Pleasure and satisfaction can be read in Her eyes, when She punishes a slave and slave starts to scream out. Sub is still not aware from the trouble he is in while Lady Mishelle kindly plays with his dick. But soon, he is to test the hardest day of his life. Lady Mishelle gives him such pain as he finds himself down on the floor. His balls get completely purple when Lady Mishelle whip them harshly. Watch sub begging his Domme to stop this trouble.

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  • Collared912

    2021-07-07 15:53:05

    The bondage is missing, can move, hinders the lady :(

  • Perfect

    2021-03-25 02:34:14


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