Sadist and Furious

Sadist and Furious

Rating: based on 2 review(s)

Length 7 minutes

Uploaded 2021-01-19

Starring: Lady Nicole

Yet another poor guy before the holy presence of Lady Nicole. He is obviously in a fearful curiosity, however nothing can keep him safe from Lady Nicole's sadistic punishments. He accepts his fate, and gives his hands to his Domme, to be cuffed. Lady Nicole knows well how to tame an inexperienced slave boy. So let's see if this poor newbie boy can pass the exam and become a slave to Sexy Lady Nicole.

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  • SlaveOfCleopatra

    2021-03-15 22:57:13

    This reminds me of my early fantasies about Cleopatra whipping her inobedient slaves in her private dungeon. Goddess Nicole is as beautiful and furious that this desire of fate comes alive again, great whipping scene! And I'm still an inobedient slave...

  • Shan

    2021-03-13 03:29:06

    How to join im slave

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