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Taming a dog

Taming a dog

Rating: based on 2 review(s)

Length 11 minutes

Uploaded 2022-02-01

Starring: Lady Lena

Lady Lena is given an old dog to be tamed. The good guy is on his knees and seems ready to listen to every single word which is coming from the amazing mistress's sexy lips. Cruel lady collared this slave dog to control him better. Then She takes the terrible riding crop in hand and starts to show Her sadistic talents. The hard clamps are taking their place on sensitive nipples to enhance the total pain of the session. Merciless mistress also adds some electric torment by applying the shocker on the old dog’s bareback. As She knows that a short walk will be useful, Lady Lena pulls him from her collar chain and makes him crawl next to Her. Watch the video and enjoy dog training from the cruel mistress.

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  • johnal mac

    2022-07-22 15:24:00

    Lucky dog! So good when Lady Lena makes fierce red hot dogs from her disciples' feeble bottoms!!!

  • Tamara

    2022-02-23 05:24:57


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