Unstoppable cruelty

Unstoppable cruelty

Rating: based on 3 review(s)

Length 8 minutes

Uploaded 2021-02-02

Starring: Lady Yultsi

It is very dangerous to leave any slave with this cruel woman alone. Her name is Lady Yultsi. What she loves is to punish her slave until the poor guy gets exhausted from begging to stop. In this movie, which is Lady Yultsi's debut with Cruel Furies, she will get her merciless multi-tail leather whip and strike her slave on his front side. Guy will be restricted to move, as his wrists cuffed to both sides, and will never find a chance to protect his body from leather whip's fatal impacts. Watch poor slave guy ruined down under heavy punishment.

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  • darcick

    2021-03-09 13:45:05

    This is something that I will need also, even in the role I would like a younger mistress, but as cruel as this one.

  • shinthor

    2021-02-20 00:11:07

    I hate fem-dom activities, but I was delighted to see Julcsi again. She is wonderful! I hope she returns to Graias soon acting in the roles of executioner or in roles of slave.

  • shinthor

    2021-02-20 00:00:51

    Holy cow! Julcsi, with his brutal lashes, has destroyed that fucking masochist's cock! This wonderful woman wields the whip and cane with absolute precision and striking with extreme brutality. But I prefer to see Julcsi brutally whipping other women, or receiving harsh whipping when Julcsi takes on the role of a masochistic bitch.

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