Disgrace compilation - 2 / No other way than obey

Disgrace compilation - 2 / No other way than obey

Length 84 minutes

Uploaded 1970-01-01

Another way of the slave disgrace for a rough mistress is to make him suffer under heavy pain and to deaf her ears for the slave guy’s piteous screams and begging. Then, after a while, the submissive boy will accept that he is in big trouble, and he is completely helpless. Nobody is around to hear his voice and there is no other way for him than receiving the pain silently. The helplessness which he is deeply in will cause him to find the only solution as to obey his mistress, which will lead the dominatrix to achieve what she desires regarding the slave. Now take your seat and enjoy the cruel ladies’ state of art domination over those piteous guys.

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  • kunstenaar 69

    2022-04-27 06:46:30

    great in the colors of Ukraine

  • JohnalMac

    2022-04-03 09:00:46


  • Allwoman

    2022-03-08 10:35:28

    That can fight and punishment any without cause and they now want me to feel it

  • FemdomObject

    2022-03-05 06:53:48

    Lady Lena wears a great 'fuck me now' outfit.

  • Robin

    2022-02-23 11:13:42

    I want to be punished by her.

  • Hans

    2021-12-05 23:35:42

    Yultsi you are wonderful dominatrix but please show more of your perfect body!

  • aadi

    2021-10-12 09:23:10

    sir please let back make a video with bdsm star lady nicole we could not want more domina only Nicole?????

  • Blacksheep

    2021-10-01 01:06:57

    Great work Nicole. Cock cooking for Mistress dinner. Reminds me of a FemCan video. She would be great to make a cock cooking video.

  • Monsieurq

    2021-08-25 03:19:23

    unglaublich wie hart und schmerzhaft diese Fusstritte von der Domina sein muessen - das will ich mal selbst erleben demnächst....

  • Aadi

    2021-07-28 11:19:52

    Hlo sir please speak in English during the video so we can understand more and cast too

  • Aadi

    2021-07-21 17:40:46

    Hi sir lomp, please make a film with Nicole in that you punished Nicole very cruelly in front of the another guy and on the last Nicole piss on the guy face with fully nude (no dressed on Nicole body )

  • Collared912

    2021-06-06 02:24:33

    Next time need to handcuff his hand behind ;) Imádlak Yultsi <3

  • [email protected]

    2021-05-26 09:22:09

    Lovely treatment. Wished it was me.

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