Caning the soft boy

Caning the soft boy

Rating: based on 2 review(s)

Length 10 minutes

Uploaded 2022-02-15

Starring: Lady Lena

You can puchase this movie in these packages: Caning compilation - 2 / Whip strokes accompanying the cane
Bastinado compilation / Burning soles
Cuffs compilation - 3 / Uncomfortable tool

Some of the soft guys seem exactly enthusiastic to be tamed by Lady Lena, however just after the session starts, things go hard and they start to beg this cruel beauty to slow down. Alas, Lady Lena is a true sadist and never gives up what She has already begun to do. She believes that the only evidence of Her good work is the bunch of bruises on slave guy’s flesh. Now there is such a soft guy in front of Her to be trained. He will lie on the torment bench, his ankles and waists will be secured to the edges of the bench, and then the cruel caning will begin. So watch the video and witness the reaction of the poor guy against Lady Lena’s horrible cane strokes.

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  • Nicky

    2022-04-10 15:04:08

    I like his saggy balls...

  • JohnalMac

    2022-02-21 18:26:39

    Sounds like 39 seconds of pathetic male whimpering from the sample. Maybe this hypocrite could be fixed up with a ball mouth chain gag prior to being whipped and caned by Her Ladyship!

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