Caning compilation - 2 / Whip strokes accompanying the cane

Caning compilation - 2 / Whip strokes accompanying the cane

Rating: based on 8 review(s)

Length 70 minutes

Uploaded 1970-01-01

Sometimes merely caning may become bothersome for the punisher. In such occasions, it will be nice to enrich the punishment with other cruel instruments and methods. Whipping is a cute company along with the caning. If the mistress applies the whip before the caning torment, then the whipping may act as a proper warming-up activity. On the other hand, if it is applied just after the caning torment, then the whip strokes will be a pain balancer after the true cane hits. Soon you will watch the amazing mistresses both whip and cane their pathetic slaves in sequence. Watch the movie and decide which one you prefer.

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  • Françeskoli

    2023-02-28 13:17:14

    Kölenin yerinde olmak için neler vermezdim...

  • Nicky

    2022-04-10 15:04:08

    I like his saggy balls...

  • JohnalMac

    2022-02-21 18:26:39

    Sounds like 39 seconds of pathetic male whimpering from the sample. Maybe this hypocrite could be fixed up with a ball mouth chain gag prior to being whipped and caned by Her Ladyship!

  • Hans

    2021-12-05 23:38:11

    Wonderful boobs Yultsi, but i prefer a more erotic domintrix.

  • Gazdi

    2021-11-16 17:24:04

    Több filmben lattam az úrnőt mindig tökéletes büntetéseket hajt végre

  • Eukaryot

    2021-05-06 14:55:34

    Super intéressante

  • knut_6kap

    2021-04-05 16:22:12

    It's interesting, but Gigi acts so much better when she takes on the role of a slave.

  • jonirings

    2020-12-23 07:32:18

    Wish it was me tied up and being whipped.

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