Color change of dick

Color change of dick

Length 8 minutes

Uploaded 2022-03-22

Starring: Lady Lilith

There, the new cruel mistress of the studio, Lady Lilith. A sub guy must be very tough to bear her painful punishments. In Her first session, the volunteer guy is to feel the pain through his useless dick. Lady Lilith will order him to lay his dick on the table, and then the mistress will step on the table and crush his male pride. To enhance the pain, the mistress will open her sexy boob décolleté, seduce the guy and cause his dick to erect, and then she will step right on the middle of the poor dick. Helpless screams of the submissive guy will not be able to save himself from the cruel pain. Watch the movie and see yourself how Lady Lilith changes the color of that pathetic dick.

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