Disgrace compilation - 5 / To be a loyal servant

Disgrace compilation - 5 / To be a loyal servant

Length 81 minutes

Uploaded 1970-01-01

Though getting them restrained and fixed is another matter of joy for the cruel ladies, sometimes they just let their slave boys all free without any restraints. On these occasions, the mistress is giving a chance to her submissive to show his loyalty and respect, by not showing any resistance against the torment that the cruel dominatrix prepares for him. If the guy can endure the pain without moving and then give his lady a big thank, he may catch an opportunity to be a long term loyal servant to the dominatrix. Watch this disgrace compilation to witness such slave guys trying to secure their places next to the cruel ladies.

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  • Extremesexpain

    2022-11-13 21:43:39

    This would be so much fun. Iā€™d love to suck the other cock to finish for lady Nicool

  • Fem licker

    2022-06-09 11:51:04

    When she nonshulantly tells him put it back, when his ball escapes the torture device šŸ“

  • Fem licker

    2022-06-09 11:47:19

    This do me looks superb More of her please

  • Hans

    2022-03-13 23:06:12

    Pretty Yultsi brutal as always bur completely unsexy!

  • Hans

    2021-12-05 23:33:50

    Fine cock torture, but the pretty mistresses should show their sexy bodies!

  • cbtok

    2021-08-26 01:52:51

    Lady Nicool is beautiful, commanding and demanding. We begin this video with her slave trying to put his ankle cuffs on and, rather than wait and yell at the slave, Lady Nicool immediately offers him motivation with her cane, knowing full well that it does not matter if he is slow, the punishment he is about to receive is coming at the appointed time, whether he is fast enough or not. It is rare to see an asshole caned and you can see quite a few hits on the slave's balls, though he does not seem to be all that sensitive there. His backside and thighs wind up with welts and his asshole has to be exceedingly tender. Lady Nicool should immediately pass him on to Lady Roxana for her particular skill with a strapon, now that he is sufficiently tenderized.

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