Enjoying to dominate - part 3

Enjoying to dominate - part 3

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Length 10 minutes

Uploaded 2021-10-12

Starring: Lady Yultsi Lady Giraffe

For an effective strike, power of the strike is also important. Mistress must adjust her position and hit on the target with all Her power, to get the long-term stripes on the target. In this part of the session, Lady Yultsi is clearly explaining how to cane the butts of a slave, who is cuffed and his butts are exposed for any strikes. Fresh Mistress, sexy Lady Giraffe is giving an ear to talented Mistress, and is trying to perform as She is indicated. Watch this unlucky slave guy feminized into panty and nylons, and suffering cane beating from both Lady Giraffe and Lady Yultsi.

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  • cbtok

    2021-10-14 21:33:11

    Lady Yultsi holds an excellent clinic for Lady Giraffe, demonstrating and explaining the whole while. She tells Lady Giraffe, on several occasions to time her strikes more slowly, but I think this is for he benefit of the slave and her understanding of what this slave can take. If you want to understand how to cane properly, you cannot do much worse than to take a lesson from Lady Yultsi.

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