Caning compilation - 3 / Under the cane threat

Caning compilation - 3 / Under the cane threat

Length 51 minutes

Uploaded 1970-01-01

It is a real pleasure for a dominatrix to benefit from her slave under the threat of heavy pain. Poor guy will never deaf himself to any tiny command coming from the mistress, since he knows that if the mistress doesn’t get satisfied, then the poor slave guy will pay much for this disappointment. Caning is one of the main sources for such a threatening pain. If the guy has tasted the caning just once through his life, he will never ever want to taste it again, thus he will accept anything to avoid it. In this lovely caning compilation movie, you are to watch such good boys ordered to serve under cane threat. Watch the movie and see the power of the cane effect.

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  • Bitch xx

    2022-11-16 11:22:58

    Pripper bitch

  • cbtok

    2021-10-14 23:33:11

    Lady Yultsi holds an excellent clinic for Lady Giraffe, demonstrating and explaining the whole while. She tells Lady Giraffe, on several occasions to time her strikes more slowly, but I think this is for he benefit of the slave and her understanding of what this slave can take. If you want to understand how to cane properly, you cannot do much worse than to take a lesson from Lady Yultsi.

  • Collared912

    2021-10-08 21:59:51

    Awesome! <3

  • Psychaser

    2021-06-26 21:48:44

    The perfect object for this treatment and i think he can take more

  • darcik

    2021-03-15 17:26:33

    Great video, even if she is bit soft. She can do more and whip that cock harder and longer :)

  • Déraisonnable

    2020-11-17 23:32:39

    Très bon, Reneta est admirable et tellement sexy ! Je suis juste un peu perturbé par son 'directeur artistique' un peu omniprésent ...ce qui me sort du film.

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