Hits in rows

Hits in rows

Rating: based on 3 review(s)

Length 7 minutes

Uploaded 2021-09-14

Starring: Lady Roxana Lady Yultsi

Though they are seen similarly, cane and bullwhip have different tastes for a slave. Unlucky guy is to taste both now, and the bitter taste of each will be seen on his face. Lady Roxana will cane his butts, while Lady Yultsi will have a bullwhip in Her hand and strike on his back. He will be tied to ceiling from both his hands and balls, so he will not have much chance to move and protect his sensitive flesh from cruel hits. He will even not be permitted to look back, so he will not be aware when the strike comes. Watch and see the different results of caning and bullwhipping by yourself.

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  • Hans

    2021-12-05 17:28:29

    Hard caning but completely unerotic mistresses.

  • mick

    2021-10-21 05:41:06

    want Lady Yulsti to bullwhip my dick to death

  • cbtok

    2021-09-16 21:56:11

    Lady Roxana needs a thicker cane, as it seems to have very little effect. Lady Yultsi's whip is quite effective and the slave appears to fear it. Once again, a blindfold might allow for better access, as the slave keeps trying to avoid Lady Yultsi's blows. She tries to correct for this. The women alternate, though Lady Roxana uses her cane three times for every whip from Lady Roxana. I would have loved to see Lady Yultsi end the session by taking him beyond his limits.

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