Caning compilation - 1 / Terrible bruises on flesh

Caning compilation - 1 / Terrible bruises on flesh

Length 45 minutes

Uploaded 1970-01-01

One of the most severe torments in BDSM is caning, for sure. The pain of a wooden cane will never stop easily after the session, and its bruises will not disappear for a few weeks. This is why generally the slaves hate to be caned. So, this punishment may be used as a threat against a lazy slave boy. After getting aware of the upcoming caning session, the poor slave would accept doing anything that his mistress commands, to keep his flesh away from this nightmare. In the first movie of the caning compilations, you will find piteous slave guys caned extremely by various cruel ladies. Don’t miss the movie and enjoy these guys in trouble.

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  • Ramjet

    2022-11-28 13:48:36

    Adorable Mistress! Would love to be sent to her for a good hard caning!

  • Hans

    2021-12-05 23:28:29

    Hard caning but completely unerotic mistresses.

  • mick

    2021-10-21 11:41:06

    want Lady Yulsti to bullwhip my dick to death

  • johnalmac's

    2021-10-18 06:48:23

    Lady Renata's caning & whippings are very severe! And this beauty is occasionally merciful xx Dirty old men, one hopes, will be instructed to say "Thank You, Your Ladyship" after each lashing and caning + if they accidentally moan Her Ladyship will make the subsequent 500 even severer.

  • cbtok

    2021-09-17 03:56:11

    Lady Roxana needs a thicker cane, as it seems to have very little effect. Lady Yultsi's whip is quite effective and the slave appears to fear it. Once again, a blindfold might allow for better access, as the slave keeps trying to avoid Lady Yultsi's blows. She tries to correct for this. The women alternate, though Lady Roxana uses her cane three times for every whip from Lady Roxana. I would have loved to see Lady Yultsi end the session by taking him beyond his limits.

  • johnalmac's

    2021-08-12 09:25:28

    Wow!! Lucky red stripey bottom. 25 minutes next time please Your Ladyship!!

  • PEZ789

    2021-07-21 15:52:15

    There nothing more erotic than an innocent looking topless, young Goddess caning a sub. Lady Renata is stunning. More of this Lady please!

  • masosklavebn

    2021-07-15 18:49:35

    Von ihr würde ich mich gerne stundenlang quälen lassen.

  • Jay666

    2021-07-11 20:03:46

    Miss Renata Is a beautiful goddess, I wish for the chance to worship her, Please make a video where Miss Renata Uses her sleeves as toilets Full toilet, Thanks Ps Master shouldn’t hurt her Femdom videos, Unless the video is maledom

  • Monica

    2021-04-10 18:07:31

    Master should torture slave boy with mistress

  • Wolf

    2021-03-02 20:34:09

    Miss Renata has an amazing Body

  • canemyass

    2020-11-08 20:50:02

    very beautiful mistress. I want to be a permanent slave for life under your superior guidance. thank you for showing what happens if slave or sub disobeys order.

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