Stripes covering his body

Stripes covering his body

Length 10 minutes

Uploaded 2022-05-24

Starring: Lady Yultsi

You can puchase this movie in these packages: Whipping compilation - 1 / Burning flesh of poor boys
Single tail whip compilation - 2 / Sound of cruelty
Disgrace compilation - 3 / Pride destruction pain

Famous whipping sessions with Lady Yultsi is becoming nightmare for every pathetic slave guy. How much ever they try to keep themselves away from such sessions, they can’t resist their desire to taste these horrible moments. Such a weak submissive guy applies Lady Yultsi to be whipped on her back and useless dick. Cruel mistress warns him once again about the intense of Her strokes, however although he can imagine what he will face soon, the poor guy still wants to taste this at least one time in his life. Well, now Lady Yultsi has got nothing to do except making this guy’s dreams come true. Watch the movie and listen to the hopeless screams of this weak slave guy.

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