Whipping compilation - 1 / Burning flesh of poor boys

Whipping compilation - 1 / Burning flesh of poor boys

Length 44 minutes

Uploaded 1970-01-01

Whip was the first supersonic tool that humankind invented. It is extremely effective for taking a submissive completely under control. Whenever the slave guy hears the bitter voice of a whip which is in his mistress’ hands, he will never even pass the idea of disobedience through his submitting mind. Here in the series, you will find two cruel women, Lady Mishelle and Lady Yultsi showing their unique skills of using the whip as a true punishment tool. Both mistresses are quite determined to get their slave guys completely perished after these unbearable torments. Watch the series and feel the horrifying whip on your own sensitive flesh.

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  • Françeskoli

    2022-11-23 08:11:18

    Kölenin yerinde olmak için neler vermezdim.

  • Extremesexpain

    2022-11-13 21:38:18

    He is so lucky to be whipped by mistres Michelle. What an honour it would be to take his place

  • MW

    2022-04-25 18:44:45

    This Lady is a true gem. It is a shame there are not much more videos with her. She is ruthless, and shows no sympathy for the screaming slave. The fact that she pulls the clit out of hiding before going for the big hits is pure evil. Whoever gets dominated by her should feel honored, and should give his best performance for her.

  • DesiSub

    2021-10-06 06:45:07

    This is the best video by far! Its so hot when the girls dominate guys with micro dicks.

  • Blacksheep

    2021-10-01 01:08:19

    Looks like she enjoys giving pain. Fry that cock Yultsi.

  • Bhoydon

    2021-09-16 02:46:23

    Red mistress cruel brat amazing

  • 男模

    2021-07-01 13:33:07


  • Little dick

    2021-06-25 22:17:16

    maybe the most beautiful small cock punishment movie. it seems so natural to Lady Mishelle how to punish a small dick like mine that I dream of being in the submissive place. Thank you for this wonderful lesson in humility Little Dick

  • raj

    2021-05-03 12:30:30

    Great one, like being whipped.

  • Jack32

    2021-04-17 01:25:17

    What language do they speak?

  • pitbullswd

    2021-04-06 01:46:08

    Yultsi is an excellent actress and very versatile. She is the best female executioner in BDSM today (and only matched by the late Lady Jenny and the extraordinary Angie Vicious and Jessica Lee a.k.a. Kyra). She is even better at whipping other women and has also managed to endure brutal whipping like an excellent slave.

  • kunstenaar52

    2021-03-30 21:52:27

    Alle mannen horen te weten dat de pik en ballen van Haar zijn, en kniel bijna voor hem omdat zij het lef heeft om te kunnen spelen en doseren. Ik woon in Holland, utrecht.

  • Adnen

    2021-01-02 00:36:17

    Vert good

  • canemyass

    2020-11-05 00:15:16

    want to participate as sub in your movies

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