Sweet Cane

Sweet Cane

Rating: based on 6 review(s)

Length 5 minutes

Uploaded 2021-03-23

Starring: Lady Nicole

You can puchase this movie in these packages: Caning compilation - 5 / Bruised pair of balls
Disgrace compilation - 1 / Grabbing him in hand

‘Sweet Cane’ is Lady Nichole’s favourite partner. With this swishy cane she loves to give a poor slave what he fully deserves. Helpless, restrained to a bench awaiting his painful fate, the slave truly fears the Lady’s ‘Sweet Cane’. She loves to hit his back again and again without mercy. As he writhes in agony, he tries to free his hands – but this is impossible. Only Lady Nicole can set him free but not until she is ready. In the meantime, ‘Sweet Cane’ carries out its painful task as the colourful stripes appear on the poor guy’s bottom.

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  • Mahesh

    2024-01-14 19:41:52

    Have been enjoyed by watching complete video Can you please upload uncensored version, backstage video, interviews of lady nicole We want more videos of lady nicole

  • Gazdi

    2021-11-16 17:42:40

    Jo de elég visszafogott

  • johnalmac's

    2021-10-18 07:14:23

    Top movie; Sweet Cane's administrator, Lady R, is adept at this. 750 strokes please Mistress Lady R but 2,250 if this slave moans!

  • Wichus

    2021-06-14 18:50:31

    Why not using her stick for his cock? Would Look beautiful!

  • Rock

    2021-04-24 19:58:46


  • kunstenaar52

    2021-03-24 16:16:28

    Dat kan zo bevrijdend werken maar je word ook gek op d''r?? v.gr. duco

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