Disgrace compilation - 1 / Grabbing him in hand

Disgrace compilation - 1 / Grabbing him in hand

Rating: based on 14 review(s)

Length 56 minutes

Uploaded 1970-01-01

To keep a guy under her hands and to benefit from him as far as she desires, a mistress should teach the guy his place and put him deeply through the subspace. Thus, the enslaved and dominated guy will show no resistance, nor any misbehavior against his dominatrix, and have to accept any heavy and painful punishment coming from her. The essential and the fundamental way of placing the slave you into the subspace is humiliating him systematically. A cruel lady must be an expert about disgracing her submissive guy to take him entirely under control. Watch the first compilation of disgrace and enjoy the paralyzed guys under domination.

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  • RICO

    2024-06-03 23:29:19

    Muito bom os filmes

  • Mahesh

    2024-01-14 19:41:52

    Have been enjoyed by watching complete video Can you please upload uncensored version, backstage video, interviews of lady nicole We want more videos of lady nicole

  • Agatha

    2023-08-12 03:19:48

    Does anyone know the name of the other slave/handler????

  • Gazdi

    2021-11-16 17:42:40

    Jo de el├ęg visszafogott

  • rados

    2021-10-23 16:30:31

    It would have been interesting if the other slave was naked. In addition to the pain, the humiliation of rubbing with another male would have been added. In addition, he could have joined the two slaves by the balls, so that any movement of the tortured slave had a painful impact on the other slave. By the way, where can I buy a device like that?

  • cbtok

    2021-10-20 23:03:26

    Right away, once the electricity hits, Lady Giraffe reminds their slave to stay in position. Despite his writhing about, he simply cannot get away from the source of the pain, two electrodes. Lady Yultsi teases him and lies to him about the strength of the shocks he is experiencing throughout. Lady Giraffe is doing the hardest work, which is attempting to direct him back into position. The two women have a stronger and taller man holding him and, I think it might have been easier to have their slave affixed to a non-moving metal frame to keep him exactly where they wanted him. Lady Yultsi reports her satisfaction with this method of torment. I hope she will try other methods of its use.

  • CockWhipping Fan

    2021-10-20 20:08:38

    Very nice, love watching an errant cocking being sadisticly punished by ladies. One request, please chain the slave to a structure so there is no chance of escape. Otherwise, longer shocks more voltage to the cock!

  • johnalmac's

    2021-10-18 07:14:23

    Top movie; Sweet Cane's administrator, Lady R, is adept at this. 750 strokes please Mistress Lady R but 2,250 if this slave moans!

  • Collared912

    2021-10-08 21:59:51

    Awesome! <3

  • Wichus

    2021-06-14 18:50:31

    Why not using her stick for his cock? Would Look beautiful!

  • Rock

    2021-04-24 19:58:46


  • Kratos

    2021-03-28 11:03:18

    I want to buy it rather than Subscribe

  • kunstenaar52

    2021-03-24 16:16:28

    Dat kan zo bevrijdend werken maar je word ook gek op d''r?? v.gr. duco

  • canemyass

    2020-11-08 20:40:39

    Awesome Production team!!! I love to be in your movies as a sub / Slave for without any payment of money.

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