Cuffs compilation - 2 / Completely helpless

Cuffs compilation - 2 / Completely helpless

Length 36 minutes

Uploaded 1970-01-01

Hand restraining is more useful if the hands are cuffed in the back of the victim. While cuffed in the front side, he can try to show resistance to the painful strokes, even by reflex, however when the mistress uses the cuffs in back, he even can’t reach the beaten part of his body, especially if this poor part is his sensitive dick and balls. Thus, the true mistress can also find the chance to apply the most painful cock-and-ball torment to his pathetic helpless slave boy. The guy will not have any other chance than accepting the strokes and suffering silently. Here are lovely movies in which the victims are accepting the true pain. You will watch them and wish you were the victim on the scenes.

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  • Agatha

    2023-08-12 03:19:48

    Does anyone know the name of the other slave/handler????

  • Extremesexpain

    2022-11-13 22:09:09

    I love the whip marks on his body. I would not need a hood and would love to declare myself public ally as Lady Nicole’s personal sex slave and whipping boy! Daily whippings from such a sexy mistress would be heaven!

  • Fem licker

    2022-06-09 11:47:19

    This do me looks superb More of her please

  • Samantha

    2021-12-21 09:57:34

    Mistress can I come your dungeon how can contact you

  • Gazdi

    2021-11-16 17:35:39

    Tökéletes és határozott

  • Whipme

    2021-11-09 00:11:07

    Lady Nicole really lays on the strokes. I would love to have her give me a whipping and leave me well marked. To be whipped by her in public would be intensely erotic!

  • JohnalMac

    2021-11-05 07:38:35

    Holy Smoke! The severity of the punishments is awesome. Bravissima Lady Goddess Nicole and thank you.

  • rados

    2021-10-23 16:30:31

    It would have been interesting if the other slave was naked. In addition to the pain, the humiliation of rubbing with another male would have been added. In addition, he could have joined the two slaves by the balls, so that any movement of the tortured slave had a painful impact on the other slave. By the way, where can I buy a device like that?

  • cbtok

    2021-10-20 23:03:26

    Right away, once the electricity hits, Lady Giraffe reminds their slave to stay in position. Despite his writhing about, he simply cannot get away from the source of the pain, two electrodes. Lady Yultsi teases him and lies to him about the strength of the shocks he is experiencing throughout. Lady Giraffe is doing the hardest work, which is attempting to direct him back into position. The two women have a stronger and taller man holding him and, I think it might have been easier to have their slave affixed to a non-moving metal frame to keep him exactly where they wanted him. Lady Yultsi reports her satisfaction with this method of torment. I hope she will try other methods of its use.

  • CockWhipping Fan

    2021-10-20 20:08:38

    Very nice, love watching an errant cocking being sadisticly punished by ladies. One request, please chain the slave to a structure so there is no chance of escape. Otherwise, longer shocks more voltage to the cock!

  • cbtok

    2021-08-26 01:52:51

    Lady Nicool is beautiful, commanding and demanding. We begin this video with her slave trying to put his ankle cuffs on and, rather than wait and yell at the slave, Lady Nicool immediately offers him motivation with her cane, knowing full well that it does not matter if he is slow, the punishment he is about to receive is coming at the appointed time, whether he is fast enough or not. It is rare to see an asshole caned and you can see quite a few hits on the slave's balls, though he does not seem to be all that sensitive there. His backside and thighs wind up with welts and his asshole has to be exceedingly tender. Lady Nicool should immediately pass him on to Lady Roxana for her particular skill with a strapon, now that he is sufficiently tenderized.

  • Monsieurq

    2021-08-25 03:07:33

    mit dieser Peitsche möchte ich mich auch gerne von dieser Domina auspeitschen lassen - nur eine Spur härter ohne Maske mit verbundenen Augen....

  • SlaveOfCleopatra

    2021-03-16 03:57:13

    This reminds me of my early fantasies about Cleopatra whipping her inobedient slaves in her private dungeon. Goddess Nicole is as beautiful and furious that this desire of fate comes alive again, great whipping scene! And I'm still an inobedient slave...

  • Shan

    2021-03-13 09:29:06

    How to join im slave

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