Whipping compilation - 6

Whipping compilation - 6

Length 61 minutes

Uploaded 1970-01-01

The most suitable part of the slave body for a comfortable whipping session is generally his butt. It will receive and dampen the effect of the whip stroke like a soft pillow. If the mistress is trying to be careful to avoid any serious harm on the slave body, she will prefer to whip his poor butt. Thus, slaves will suffer the strokes less after the session, but feel the pain utmost during the whipping. Soon you are going to watch our dominatrix ladies stroking right on the butts of their submissive slave guys. There you will witness the power of butt whipping and how the poor men submit the pain. Watch the movie and feel yourself receiving those hard strokes.

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  • McOny

    2024-05-24 15:49:13


  • Hans

    2022-01-16 23:51:59

    Yultsi is a wonderful lady, a cruel mistress and a strong slave girl. I like her movies, but as a domintrix she acts completely unerotic. Instead she should dress sexy and show her perfect body in action, so that viewers get a stiff cock.

  • Blacksheep

    2021-10-01 01:08:19

    Looks like she enjoys giving pain. Fry that cock Yultsi.

  • Bhoydon

    2021-09-16 02:46:23

    Red mistress cruel brat amazing

  • 男模

    2021-07-01 13:33:07


  • Jack32

    2021-04-17 01:25:17

    What language do they speak?

  • pitbullswd

    2021-04-06 01:46:08

    Yultsi is an excellent actress and very versatile. She is the best female executioner in BDSM today (and only matched by the late Lady Jenny and the extraordinary Angie Vicious and Jessica Lee a.k.a. Kyra). She is even better at whipping other women and has also managed to endure brutal whipping like an excellent slave.

  • kunstenaar52

    2021-03-30 21:52:27

    Alle mannen horen te weten dat de pik en ballen van Haar zijn, en kniel bijna voor hem omdat zij het lef heeft om te kunnen spelen en doseren. Ik woon in Holland, utrecht.

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