For the amazing gift

For the amazing gift

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Length 15 minutes

Uploaded 2022-08-23

Starring: Lady Ariana

True mistress knows how to please her slave after all the hard punishments. Without a motivation, the slave guy will be unwilling to take those cruel strokes all. The best motivation for such a guy will be a chance to touch his mistress' holy and sexy skin. Lady Ariana, the natural dominatrix, will give the chance to this lucky boy, however the slave has got a way to pass before reaching this pleasure. The cruel queen has got many whips prepared for the upcoming torment. She is determined to secure that Her slave guy will really deserve what he will meet after those punishments. Watch the movie and enjoy Lady Ariana perishing Her boy and then let him massage Her pure skin.

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  • Jack

    2022-09-18 19:13:47

    What does it take to be a model?

  • Graias Admin

    2022-08-25 07:48:35

    @.tom You are right, sorry. We just fixed the movie, now it should be okay.

  • .tom

    2022-08-24 07:39:00

    wrong video uploaded. not cruel furies, but graias. not 15 minutes, but 32 minutes

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