Cuffs compilation - 3 / Uncomfortable tool

Cuffs compilation - 3 / Uncomfortable tool

Length 63 minutes

Uploaded 1970-01-01

Not always for the wrists, cuffs may also be used to secure the slave guy’s ankles to each other to the sides of the torment platform. Ladies usually apply this kind of usage when they are aiming to give a hard sole beating to the poor boys. The pathetic ones again remain helpless against the most painful cane strokes and accept the pain deep in their souls, without any resistance. Wrists are thinner than ankles. Cuffs are generally produced for wrists, so when they are placed to the ankles, they will cause more pain merely, without any extra punishment. Here is some cuffing fun for your pleasure, watch the movies and say thank you for not to be there.

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  • Françeskoli

    2022-11-23 08:11:18

    Kölenin yerinde olmak için neler vermezdim.

  • Extremesexpain

    2022-11-13 21:38:18

    He is so lucky to be whipped by mistres Michelle. What an honour it would be to take his place

  • MW

    2022-04-25 18:44:45

    This Lady is a true gem. It is a shame there are not much more videos with her. She is ruthless, and shows no sympathy for the screaming slave. The fact that she pulls the clit out of hiding before going for the big hits is pure evil. Whoever gets dominated by her should feel honored, and should give his best performance for her.


    2022-04-20 20:39:59


  • Nicky

    2022-04-10 15:04:08

    I like his saggy balls...

  • JohnalMac

    2022-02-21 18:26:39

    Sounds like 39 seconds of pathetic male whimpering from the sample. Maybe this hypocrite could be fixed up with a ball mouth chain gag prior to being whipped and caned by Her Ladyship!

  • Hans

    2021-12-05 23:35:42

    Yultsi you are wonderful dominatrix but please show more of your perfect body!

  • Monsieurq

    2021-11-18 10:16:13

    wirklich atemberaubend wie hier mal einem gefesselten splitternackten Sklaven die Vorderseite des Koerpers gnadenlos hart mit der Peitsche gestriemt wird....

  • Gru

    2021-10-16 09:05:12

    Loved the stretching, kicking looked painful.

  • DesiSub

    2021-10-06 06:45:07

    This is the best video by far! Its so hot when the girls dominate guys with micro dicks.

  • Paul Terra

    2021-09-09 17:24:52

    I want more and more videos with the extraordinary Lady Yultsi. She is so hot in her tight jeans, and so is Lady Roxana. I don't want Ladies to get nude, unless they feel like it

  • cbtok

    2021-09-06 19:41:42

    This is a very nice CFNM video with Lady Yultsi and Lady Roxana dressed casually. They might have just been coming in from a nice stroll in the neighborhood. They would have benefited from a couple of ropes forcing his knees apart, tied to the X-Frame and also a blindfold so that their slave would not prepare for Lady Roxana's kicks. I particularly enjoyed how Lady Yultsi manhandled him.

  • MonsierQ

    2021-09-02 11:56:29

    Aadi hat recht - die Sadistinnen sollten ein nackteres Outfit haben

  • Aadi

    2021-08-31 17:15:25

    we want Nicole only,but full nude during punishment

  • Little dick

    2021-06-25 22:17:16

    maybe the most beautiful small cock punishment movie. it seems so natural to Lady Mishelle how to punish a small dick like mine that I dream of being in the submissive place. Thank you for this wonderful lesson in humility Little Dick

  • Collared912

    2021-06-06 02:24:33

    Next time need to handcuff his hand behind ;) Imádlak Yultsi <3

  • wichus

    2021-06-03 15:44:37

    Best bruised cock ever seen, would like to get it . At least 10 days he can not use his cock properly...may be wanking with care...?!

  • whippingslave

    2021-05-24 14:43:24

    One of the best front whippings I have seen! I wish I was him...

  • Jdejanus

    2021-05-22 12:38:27

    Julcsi is a magician with her whip. She does a fantastic job of marking her slave and causing him intense pain! No shying away from his cock and balls either with his cock taking a brutal whipping raising welt after welt to become a swollen mess. She seems to really enjoy her work! Obviously extremely painful for her target ??

  • raj

    2021-05-03 12:30:30

    Great one, like being whipped.

  • darcick

    2021-03-09 19:45:05

    This is something that I will need also, even in the role I would like a younger mistress, but as cruel as this one.

  • shinthor

    2021-02-20 06:11:07

    I hate fem-dom activities, but I was delighted to see Julcsi again. She is wonderful! I hope she returns to Graias soon acting in the roles of executioner or in roles of slave.

  • shinthor

    2021-02-20 06:00:51

    Holy cow! Julcsi, with his brutal lashes, has destroyed that fucking masochist's cock! This wonderful woman wields the whip and cane with absolute precision and striking with extreme brutality. But I prefer to see Julcsi brutally whipping other women, or receiving harsh whipping when Julcsi takes on the role of a masochistic bitch.

  • Adnen

    2021-01-02 00:36:17

    Vert good

  • canemyass

    2020-11-05 00:15:16

    want to participate as sub in your movies

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